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Are you in need of a referral to an excellent realtor? In any sales industry it is very difficult to see through the claims of hyperbole, super stardom and top producers, to get to somebody who is truly experienced and can execute best for you. If you believe the hype, everybody is your best choice, everybody is your best friend, everybody is the best in their field. But obviously that is not true. I can tell you from over a quarter century of experience if I know of someone in your marketplace that would be an excellent realtor choice for your needs. Answer the questions below and I will respond with several options or at least some feedback to point you in the right direction.

*DISCLAIMER: I can make several suggestions to point you towards realtors to talk to but myself nor 1st Mariner Mortgage are not endorsing a specific choice of realtor. It is always up to the consumer to do all of their own due diligence and ask a lot of questions before choosing a service provider. Before filling out the form below read these articles to help you in determining what questions to ask potential realtors before you decide who to work with:

We specialize in loans in the sate of Oregon.

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